World's Best Mom is a SuperNurse

Meet Ashley and Sam, two Incredible Nurse Mamas

Meet Ashley, a Registered Nurse for about 4 years in ER/Observation/ICU in the inpatient setting at local hospitals and just recently transferred to a primary care nurse as a Patient Advocate and Liaison RN in a family medicine clinic.


Meet Sam, she has been practicing her profession since 2013. She has worked 6 years in a government hospital in the Philippines and most of it were in the Operating Room Complex (PACU, OR). She currently works two jobs since 2019: she manages the TCU unit and the wounds for the entire SNF on weekdays then on to Cardiac Telemetry  at a hospital on the weekends. Hustle heart is indeed her anthem. 


I know being a Mother is the hardest job a woman can have and I also know from the heart that being a Nurse is never an easy one too. So, I've reached out to both of these amazing ladies to get a glimpse of how being a new Mom and a Nurse is like.

I haven't been a mother myself, so I can just imagine how these Nurse Mamas do both at the same time. 


What are some of the challenges of being a new mom while working as a Nurse?

Sam: "Seemingly prioritizing other people (residents and patients) over my very own son and sadly not being able to do anything about it."

Ashley: "By far the biggest challenge is daycare drop off in the morning before heading to my shift! Her dad travels for work for the military so it’s hard in that way, as well. At first it was very emotional as I wanted to spend all day with my 12 week old daughter but it gets easier as time goes on as I know she’s having fun and being well cared for as I help care for patients."

They say two of the hardest jobs are being a Nurse and a Mom. Which is harder for you and why?

Sam: "I’d say being a nurse is harder. With Seth, everything seems to come out naturally and certain ways are figured out through the gift of maternal instincts. My answer could change when he reaches toddlerhood so I’ll keep you posted. HAHA! But really, microbiology wasn’t a prerequisite for motherhood as it was for nursing and we both know how real of a struggle those days were in school so yes, I’d pick motherhood!" 

Ashley: "Most of my career has been as an ER nurse and I have seen toddlers get intubated, hearts be restarted, bones be put back into place, almost every type of trauma and emergency but nothing could prepare me for the heart and soul you put into being a mom. Emotionally, physically, 24/7 you are the source of comfort, calm, and peace for your child. Being a mom is the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever done."

Few pros and cons of being a mom + being a nurse at the same time?

Sam: "Maternal instincts are somewhat biased when you’re a nurse mama, because we have the foundation on how to actually care for a person according to age. We know their needs based on the theories we’ve learned by heart in school so being a mother seems to come out naturally when in reality, all the credits should go to nursing school. HAHA!"

Ashley: "Cons would be long hours away from home, getting caught up in work and not able to check in quickly all the time, and exhaustion from both sides."

Can you share one of those "hard days" of your life as a working mom?

Sam: "Working six days a week and being away from Seth has been and will always be hard. It’s been over four months now since i returned but it’s never been easy. Perhaps it’ll never get easier." 

Best tip you can give to surviving being a new mom while being a nurse?

Sam: "Do your best at work but reserve your supermom powers for the actual best of you — your child. As a new mother, everything else should be secondary. Your child’s first year will be fleeting so make each moment count and fill that gallery with countless photos and videos because time will always be the one thing that you could never take back."

Ashley: "Remain flexible and don’t be afraid to lean on others! Realize things don’t always go as planned being a new mom and nurse but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good mom or a good nurse, you are just adjusting! Above all else, realize your child adores you and your patients are thankful for you!"

Happy Mother's Day and Thank you for all you do, Ashley and Sam!

We salute to all Mothers working tirelessly for human lives. You all definitely have a lot on your shoulders and we're here to tell you a thousand times, you're all doing a good job!


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