Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Meet the Erie Shores Healthcare Team

Meet Erie Shores Healthcare Team in Leamington Ontario, Canada. They take great pride in their ‘Compassionate Care Close To Home’ attitude. They are a "community of health care professionals who value each other and creates a healthy, healing caring environment in their community."

We reached out to Kym and her team at the ER department to get a glimpse of their day and how they demonstrate teamwork at its best at Eries Shores Healthcare.

Best WORD to describe your team? How do you all start your day and what is the best part of your shift?

"We are a unity team. We start the day by saying hello with a Tim Horton’s or McDonalds coffee in hand ready to hear report and see our work assignment for the day. We especially like it when the 1000H -2200H nurse comes on and they bring more coffee!"

What has been the most challenging experience you and your team had?

 "The most challenging part of working in Emergency is when you know you can’t change a bad situation to a good one. Whether it's Covid-related, trauma, heart attack or cancer and you know the outcome is not good, all you can do is sit with the patient or family member and be there for them."


"The ER department at Erie Shores Healthcare is truly one in a million to work with, we start the day out smiling and we end it by smiling, whether it was a good day or not.

We all have each other’s back and we work as a team! Our team at Erie Shores Healthcare have always learned to work as a team and to be respectful of each other. We adapt to each other; we're not just co-workers but we are a family."


Thank you, Team Erie Shores Healthcare for all of you and for all you do. Teamwork indeed makes the dream work. We salute you!

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