There's Strong and then there's #NurseStrong

Hi, awesome people in scrubs! Let me officially introduce myself. I'm Lei, born and raised in the Philippines, a Registered Nurse currently based in Montana and Co-founder of ScrubsLife. 

For Nurses Week, we wanted to inspire and ignite the spirits of all Nurses out there. The past year hasn't been a walk in the park and instead it was literally like a walk in 'Jurassic Park'! Thus, this inspired our NURSESTRONG design. 

So to wrap up Nurses Week, I've reached out and featured these few amazing nurses! So join me together with these awesome nurses and find out what #NurseStrong means for us!

Emily, RN, BSN (📍 California)

 "#NurseStrong means that we are the strength our patients and our team need, even when we don’t feel strong ourselves. I’ve never been a part of a more powerful team.

#NurseStrong took on even more meaning this last year during the pandemic. We were fighting a literal battle between life and death each and every day. Being on the frontlines as a new ER nurse was both an honor and a challenge but without a doubt I can say I was forged in fire. I’m proud to be #NurseStrong, today and everyday."

Dara, BSN, RN, CCRN (📍 Florida)

"In almost a decade of being a nurse I have truly got to see what being #NurseStrong really means. It means being able to wake up with my own life's’ troubles, dilemmas, and issues and still be there for others. It means being capable of leaving my own sh** at the door and being there for people who at the moment can’t be there for themselves. 

I love what I do, and just like everyone else, I have days I wake up and don’t feel like doing anything else but silencing my alarm and staying in bed, but then I remember that I am not only a nurse... I am #NurseStrong."

Connie, RN, BSN (📍 Montana)

"NurseStrong is setting aside your personal battles to give your absolute best to the patients entrusted to you. To soldier on and hustle despite the struggle to keep yourself afloat in the long shifts. It is selfless and real."

Terry, RN (📍 California)

"I have been a nurse for over 20 years, most of my experience in ED/Trauma. I have always loved the way our team of nurses works together like a well oiled machine. It’s almost like we don’t need to ask what we need help with, we are always there to do what needs to be done. 

During the last few years, we have come together even more to support one another. I believe that as an experienced nurse, we need to nurture the new nurses coming into this field so they can benefit from our knowledge and experience. No one does this job alone and that is what #NURSESTRONG means to me."


Lei, RN, BSN, CMSRN (📍 Montana)

"#NurseStrong; simple but powerful words. So what does this mean for a foreign-educated Nurse like me who migrated by herself 3 years ago, left the comforts of her home and dared to dream to work internationally? Looking back in my 8 years in the profession both in the Philippines and here in the US, #NurseStrong for me can be summed up in 3 words: RESILIENCE, STRENGTH and POSSIBILITIES.

RESILIENCE. #NurseStrong is being flexible and resilient to different kinds of changes in our lives either personally and professionally. It's the ability to adapt in the face of adversity and the skill to bounce back after any hardships or problems.

STRENGTH. #NurseStrong means the strength to go on and move forward because in reality, Nursing is not easy and glitters at all. It may be saying yes to that extra shift to help out your short-staffed unit but then also making sure to rest and recharge the week after. It's all about the mindset that our profession doesn't get any easier, we just get stronger.

POSSIBILITIES. As a foreign-educated nurse, #NurseStrong is the possibility that we indeed have a place in this foreign country which we call 'home' now. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to start something like ScrubsLife but here I am saying YES to possibilities and YES to that American Dream. (they say to dream big and start small, right!?)

To all Filipina RNs like me: Yes, America is a land of opportunity (actually, everywhere is!), I'm no expert and I still have a long way to go but if you ask me, you just need to dream big, start small and act now."



ScrubsLife Co-Founder
#NurseStrong should not end as Nurses Week comes to a close. Let everyone hear our voices everywhere we are. Let me hear yours! What does #NurseStrong means for you?


Thank you Nurses for you and for all you do. Thank you for being the #NurseStrong that you are.

We salute you for working tirelessly to care for human lives! But remember, don't forget to take care of yourselves too. 😊


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