New York Strong

Meet Jenn, RN in New York City

"I feel like NYC is it’s own little world, I am really proud to have been raised here and able to take care of the community I grew up in."
Meet Jenn, a Registered Nurse in Mount Sinai Queens Hospital, in Astoria. She is a Filipino-American, born and raised in Queens, NYC.  She moved to Upstate NY in 2013 to get hospital experience as a new grad RN, and after being homesick for 2 years, she eventually moved back to her home city in Queens and have been working there ever since.
We reached out to her to get a glimpse of her life as a Registered Nurse in New York City and how NYC, the most populous but popular city in the world shaped her as a Nurse; especially during the time of pandemic. She is simply known as @itsjennthern on Instagram and is one of our favorite ScrubsLife Ambassadors.
What’s the best thing about living and working in the city?
"It’s nice to live in a residential suburban area of Queens, at the same time, be just a short drive away from the city. If we ever wanted to go for a night out to eat or go shopping, it’s super convenient because we have literally everything here in NYC."


How many years have you been an RN? Has this been a dream since you were a child?
"I’ve been an RN since 2012, after graduating with BSN from Hunter College. I wanted to be a nurse my whole life because my mom is an RN (recently retired) and I wanted to follow in her footsteps, and also, once my parents got older, I wanted to be able to take care of them."

"Now, we both stand, side by side, proud of our Filipino heritage, proud to be frontline heroes during this pandemic and I, especially proud to have followed in my mom's incredibly large steps to fill."


NYC has been one of the cities in the US that has been really affected with the pandemic, what has it been like working as an RN in the midst of that difficult time in NYC?
"I work at Mount Sinai Queens Hospital, which was the epicenter of the pandemic in the city, with a staggering amount of covid cases. 
We had a freezer truck outside of the hospital that was overflowing with deceased patients because our morgue was completely full, and yet we continued going into work every day, in absolute fear of the chaos we’d experience that shift and with a lack of PPE and proper knowledge of the virus. 
It was truly grueling and I am so glad that it is over, I could not go through that again. We lost so many patients, as well, as family, friends, and colleagues."


"As a community, we worked together to keep each other safe, by wearing masks, staying home, reaching out to our elderly population in need, going out and getting vaccinated, and keeping the curve down. We avoided the second wave and I’m seriously proud of how far we’ve come since the start of this pandemic. 
That is what NEW YORK STRONG means for me."  

 Thank you Jenn for you and for all you do. We salute you for tirelessly working for human lives!

*photos above credits to @itsjennthern

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